Our Strategy

Our Strategy

UnitedForGrowth is Building a National Network of Dealers Who Will Maintain Their Unique Company Identity and Culture

UnitedForGrowth, LLC, is building a hub and spoke distribution and support business structure. This structure is built around strategically Hub Companies with Spoke Companies working in tandem to provide market coverage for our strategic vendor partners and outstanding customer support to our customer base.

UnitedForGrowth’s Role

UFG, as the holding company, provides leadership with our strategic manufacturing partners; provides financial and accounting support in the Hub/Spoke network. UFG focuses on providing the capital structure to acquire strong reputable dealers, manufacturing representatives and sales agents in our Hub markets in North America and to support the operational needs of the Hub/Spoke structure. By centralizing these functions, we create the cost synergies to improve your operation’s bottom line profitability and increase your focus on serving your account base and preserving our national customers of over 150,000 facilities.

Hub Company Acquisitions

If your company is located in one of North America’s 250 key metropolitan markets, we want to talk to you. What are you looking for? Our leadership team has over 30 years of acquisition experience and we are looking for companies that are:

  • led by an experienced management team who are committed to manage the company after we acquire for at least 3-5 years and identify and succession that is mutually acceptable to continue and build upon your brand.
  • have strong customer-centered support reputation in their market.
  • have a team that’s ready to grow at double-digit rates.
Spoke Company Acquisitions

Spoke companies are the key to our geographic reach. Hub companies bring project management expertise to the Spoke Companies, freeing Spoke sales personnel to focus on new customer expansion while knowing there is a team behind them that can deliver first-class installations and post installations support.


Our management team has extensive experience successfully acquiring and integrating acquired companies into our dealer network. We provide operational efficiencies to the Hub/Spoke companies and competitive benefit packages.

We work with our acquired companies to bring best-of-breed practices to each of our operational companies and units. Our goals for our acquired companies are to provide to the current leadership:

  • A path to grow their business at industry or better rates;
  • Deliver enhanced profitability through operational synergies;
  • Serve more opportunities while delivering professional support to their customers; and
  • Significantly grow the reach of their local/regional brand.

For more information about the UnitedForGrowth opportunity, call Mark C. Lewis, our President and CEO at 330-354-9100 or send an email to [email protected]